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This Philadelphia based studio produces a wide range of sophisticated, yet hearty vessels in a playful, unfussy style. Located in the Frankford neighborhood at MaKen Studios, FELT+FAT are recognized for their innovative approach to treating surfaces and finishing their signature plates and trays with experimental glazes.

We visited FELT+FAT in their home at MaKen Studios following a client request to juxtapose products with unexpected pops of color and texture. After meeting with Nathaniel Mell and Wynn Bauer, founders of the beloved brand, we left with armloads of their specialty chef-inspired vessels and a few pieces to keep at home.

Specializing in serviceware for chefs and the most discerning culinary enthusiasts, FELT+FAT were happy to engage and talk shop about work, play, and what lies ahead for their ever-growing shop of skilled makers. We will look forward enjoying food and drink from their beautiful work as they continue to collaborate, and explore materials and technique. Episcopo Studios will certainly look forward to collaborating with FELT+FAT this year and in years to come.

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